Finding myself these days in a conference cycle whose subjects were on self-motivation, self-knowledge and attitude as necessary tools to take on new projects, there was one phrase in one of the lectures given by Xescu Espar that resonated with me: “When the fun is over, the commitment remains”. And yes, amongst all these bacchanal of stimuli and Master Classes, I went home, repeatedly thinking about this one, for me, a great statement.

When things get complicated, when difficulties begin ... and, in life, sooner or later, this usually happens, it is at that moment one becomes aware of how committed we are with what we do or with those beings with whom we are bonded to.

There are moments in my life where I literally feel glutted by the circumstances because, let us not fool ourselves, being an entrepreneur, a monogamous woman and an enthusiastic mother, nowadays, is quite a struggle, and even if you are a delusional optimist and your personal and professional projects deserve the best, there are moments where fun is not present and commitment is the pillar that sustains them.


But with these words, it might seem that commitment sounds like dull, like a lack of enthusiasm or excitement and nothing could be more further from the truth, to me it has the taste of a better version of oneself, forcefully and visibly acting, not from the obligation, but from certain values, available to people and to projects that to me are worthwhile, even though sometimes these might not be as easy as we would like them to be or are incomprehensible to others.



I liked this animated short, speaks of what happens after.... the commitment







The Screening Room - “We Can’t Live Without... por newyorker

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