Today have you heads for my?




 Then, in a pathetic attempt I tell him that I will ask one of his friends to let me know, and that is how I get him to reveal that he had lentils, croquettes and an apple for lunch. Wow! What a confidence….

It is later, at home, relaxed and in our pyjamas, playing with zomlings, painting or sharing a good time together, when he explains out of the blue that he is sad because he got upset with Rocío, his soul mate, that they have planted a tree in the yard or sings the song of the “Geganta Marcelina” (the giant Marcelina), which he had learned that day and included into his repertoire.

I hope I will not forget something so obvious and yet so important as the need to share activities with our children, to suddenly tune up, to really play and have fun with them, because it is then that there is no need to ask in order to know.

Speaking about game sharing, I loved the drawings made by Mica Angela Hendricks and her 4-year old daughter. Her mother tells us the story of how one day when she used a new sketchbook, her daughter swooped over with a serious look and told her that they had to share it. The girl took the sketchbook and completed the body of a dinosaur on a lady’s face, and truly, it looks pretty good. Ever since, every day her daughter asks her: “Do you have any heads for me today?”

She is in charge of drawing the body and her mother completes the sketches adding textures and colour. These are her gorgeous drawings.































 I love this time of the day, when, after preparing my son’s afternoon snack, I head to school to pick him up after a long school day. I think for a four year old it must be hard to spend so many hours away from home. That is why I try to focus all my attention on this little person from the very moment he walks out of the classroom’s door. And then we start certain daily rituals. When I see him appear, I prepare myself to give him a hug and a big kiss, but Pau, from the first moment, does actually care more about the red bag peeking out of my bag and the surprise his sandwich snack will hold, than responding to my great reception.


After satisfying his hunger and already in the car, I use to ask him how his day was, what he has been up to, what he liked the most and what the least. I need him to explain me everything! To know if he has been ok, if he played with his friends, in short, whether he had a beautiful day.
And, he answers most times and with an absent-minded stare…. “I don´t know”.
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