The Tramuntana and Anna Grimal

According to a legend, when the Tramuntana, this fierce north wind, blows across the Empordá region and other areas of the coast, those who are exposed to its effects become temporarily insane. We, who live here, know well that this mythical gale causes restlessness and undoubtedly enhances the emotions and the imagination and, if conducting them correctly, these little fits of madness can lead us to get carried away and can take us through the world of creativeness. We certainly have good examples of this in the history of painting, in music, literature and photography.

 Without going any further, Anna Grimal is an illustrator splashed by the sea and by this cold and choleric wind of up to 100 km per hour. Anna is also fast, a tireless illustrator who like Picasso, inspiration always finds her working.

 As you will see, she dares with diverse supports and techniques. Her illustrations convey calmness, harmony, femininity and make me feel like following her work wherever she goes.

You will love her for sure.























































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