The small pleasures of life

This year I turned 40…. woooow, there, I said it!! And I have to say I feel younger and more agile than perhaps two decades ago. Maybe not in all aspects, since getting up very early to begin a long day and ending at a late hour makes it sometimes difficult to take a deep breath and have a look around me.

At certain points of our lives, we spend a lot of time hunting impossible and abstract dreams. One day someone tells us that we have to achieve great things and thenceforth everything may result inadequate. And then another day, without really being aware of when it happened, we get rid of these little stones in our shoes and develop into real long-distance runners, becoming aware of the little things that give a real meaning to the word “pleasure” and to the way we decide to “walk” through this life. But like with any exercise it needs training and it is easy to sometimes find an excuse not to develop this peculiar muscle towards new outlooks.




































Wise men say that when you have already sailed along those weird beginnings, a parallel dimension opens up in front of you where it is possible to take a deep breath every day.

Talking about a walk, here is a recompilation of Nordic photography KIRMIZI TELEFON KULÜBESÄ°



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