The small connections


 Everyone knows about love, because, in our own way, we all have loved and we all can say something in this regard. There are the parent-child loves, the romantic loves, the carnal or platonic ones, the serene or the impossible loves amongst many others, and then, I think, there are the crushes.

Greatly simplifying, we could say, that there are crushes that long for love in all its aspects, and then there are the everyday crushes, those which do not seek anything, which catch us by surprise and are those we have as long as we are alive; projects, dreams, disappointments and maybe a partner we love and will continue loving, far beyond those ephemeral connections.

With everyday crushes I mean those moments we share with people, men and women, where we connect and a deep synchrony takes place, like when we have a conversation about something very private and complex and you feel like the person who listens, is truly listening and you both are sharing something very important and we have emotionally opened up to someone who is worthy of this confidentiality.

My partner, also partner in crime, puts on a poker face while I read this post to him and tells me he will also start this everyday crush thing and see how these connections feel. Men…






 ONCE " Only slowly"

Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová




BEGIN AGAIN "Lost Stars"

Adam Levine



I love John Carney’s films (Once and Begin Again), in them you find stories of deep connections, of shared passions and of honest relationships that lavish sensitivity.

Here I leave some of his soundtracks, they are spectacular

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