Pedro Almodóvar recently announced in an interview with the Financial Times the title of his next project: Silence. It was so named, "because that's the principal element that drives the worst things that happen to the main female protagonist". It is not the first film with this title nor the first where the word silence reveals lack of communication, loneliness, concealment, secrecy...

But the truth is, that during the spaces of solitude and silence, without any noises or words involved, we are able to delve into the moment. How often, after our everyday activities, when everything ceases, a certain restlessness traps us in our lonesomeness that invites us to a deep reflection in the unique company of ourselves.

Speaking of silence, I would like to share Mònica Figueras’ work. I have recently discovered her photography which transmits to me the silence we are talking about and the quality solitude, the chosen one….. 




















































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