The power of internet


For some time now, I have become interested in brief stories, either in the format of short stories or the film in short format. There are many good short films online.

I especially like “Jamesonnotodofilmfest”. The festival is an initiative of ‘La Fábrica’ based on an original idea by Javier Fesser in order to put Internet at the services of cinema as a formula to discover new talents, to be able to experiment with new means which are accessible to everyone and to achieve a wider diffusion. With twelve editions on its back it is widely recognised in Spain as the benchmark online film event.

The new technologies and social networks offer the possibility to visualize small productions overcoming the barriers of film production and distribution. As it is a fantastic tool to spread all kinds of art, making the work of less known and interesting artists visible to the whole world.

The power of social networks and internet is spectacular and very influential, it is also true that we need to know how to find its right measure when it comes to its use in personal matters.

If you would like to have a good time afterwards and get lost amidst witted stories, find out more at, over 800 short films are waiting for you.



Una cuestión de etiqueta from Roger Villarroya on Vimeo.

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