The magic found his me

Most probably many of us have got to know at some moment, one of these persons who really enjoy their profession. When we people get in tune with that what we are good at, it is easy to awaken the passion, not only taking pleasure in what we do, but also in the dedication, the effort and sometimes the difficult devotion to these activities. They compensate, sometimes things inexplicable to third parties.

If you are amongst the privileged people who have run into one of these passions that mould a live in such an important way, I do not think that luck has played a vital role, but an emotional state, which has allowed us to collect and connect all the information we give ourselves. Once I read on the Internet some good references for these cases. Which activity you enjoy suffering with? What are you willing to make sacrifices for? …and I believe these are very good questions to ask ourselves in order to find our passions, in case of not having yet discovered them.

When we bump into one of these fortunate passionate people, we observe how they flow in their environment, enhancing their confidence in themselves and in their intuition, devoutly untangling the thread of the process, most of the times enjoying the journey.

Mágico Mora is an illustrator, a painter, passionate about life and the one who inspired us this week. Here is an interview for Warp, where, in addition to his work, sharing his old hand thoughts and good energy.



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