When I started this blog, my motives where none other than to share things that thrilled me and were related to art. That is why today I would like to tell you about a very special dance project.

Danscapacitat is a creative lab related to dancing, set up by a team of people with different abilities, dance professionals, volunteers and amateur dancers who share the dance as a form of expression.

Laia Estremeiro is a friend and the artistic director of this Company. Thanks to Laia I got to know the DMT,  (Dance Movement Therapy), a technique that allows the observations of the own body and our own being. The dance reaches where words cannot and our body shows who we are and what we need. In this way the dance is a form of expression all people have access to and with which we are able to reach our own and other people’s emotions in a very abstract and symbolic way.

In our life, each one of us, making the most out of what we have at our disposal, do express and share with the world, our feelings, thoughts and needs. There are some who communicate with the word and the fine use of silences and others who use the endless possibilities their body offers. In this video you will probably not find technical perfection, but you will find a reason to be more than wonderfully connected with art and, in this case, especially with dance.


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