I have always liked to read from a very early age and I remember, though much time has passed, many of the emotions some of the books I read transmitted to me. I am an enthusiastic reader of stories and novels and in those first readings of mine I soon found an explanation to all that I felt or experienced and I still was not able to describe in my own words. Perhaps these beginnings helped to develop this avidity for reading. They help us learn, comprehend, understand ourselves and others, evade ourselves by travelling to other realities or mirror ourselves in other characters.

That is why at home we treasure novels, comics, graphic novel, and the stories of my 4 year old son who is getting introduced to his first letters.

Pau loves the stories and I get enchanted by watching him decipher these books without losing any detail of the complementing illustrations. He is crazy about the classics with its disturbing wolves, wicked stepmothers and witches, but he is slowly discovering new treasures, modern books that talk about children eating the words they do not get to understand, about star-hungry pirates, about water drops that do not want to disappear, and all of them explain feelings, emotions such as joy and tenderness and the legitimacy of being afraid, angry or maybe sad. It is so important that a child begins to observe itself and learns how to express its emotions, accompanied by us as well as precious stories and illustrations.

These images shape the imagination and put a face to the protagonists of their stories and in a way also to themselves.

Amongst our illustrators, we find authors of wonderful stories we should not miss, we leave you a small proof of it.




"Le reve du rhinocéros". Jorge Zetner, Sergio Mora




"Qualsevol nit pot sortir el sol" Jaume Sisa, Sergio Mora






"El pirata de les estrelles". Albert Arrayás




7-pirata i balena.jpg





"La Gota i el cirerer" Mario Satz, Albert Arrayás


"Corazón robot" Iñaki Oliver, Amaia Arrazola




"Barba y bigote" Dani Padrón






"Erik el constructor de sueños" Dani Padrón




"O Libro dos bicos". Xosé Luna Sanmartín, Núria Díaz













"Zasfiuuu" Teresa Ramos




"Ricitos de oro" Teresa Ramos







·Les Chaines du chene" Fréderique Elbaz, la Wäwá








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