Looks and glances….
People’s eyes are very revealing, they tell us about how they feel, about things that make them quiver with excitement or about past experiences, sad or happy ones. Sometimes talking to others you find people to have a vacant stare, they are talking to you, but you do not exactly know where they really are. Then there are the elusive eyes, those which belong to cute, shy people. There are also dark looks perhaps as a result of bitter experiences and amongst many others there are the eyes of the children, straight, clear, scrutinizing and never deceiving gazes. I just love them.
I believe in eyes as a powerful means of communication. I do imagine a ‘World No Words Day’, walking one day around our cities and villages without saying a word and using our eyes as our main communication channel. In the early morning glancing at our partner and giving him the ‘oh, if we were alone’ look. 
Then I would bent down to my son’s level and my eyes would tell him: “We are late, aren’t you dressed yet? Still….you mean the world to me!” I would continue with my workmate, with the customer, the student, the shop assistant, looking at them clearly, straight without hurries and formalities, but with a healthy curiosity, looks that ask who you are and how you are doing. If you are being looked at you are being considered.
And still gobsmacked by the power of eye contact, and as a great and well-known Superhero uses to say: “With great power comes great responsibility”, I therefore conclude that our eyes should not be judgmental or condescending, or limiting, but encouraging and trustful towards all challenges the people we love and appreciate want to assume, or simply the unknown people, who also deserve a good reflection of our eyes as if it were a mirror.
Here you have some powerful eyes….
Photography Steve McCurry














































































































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