I'm bored

Lying in bed, emanating full idleness while locked in my room. Back then I boringly enjoyed my teenager daydreams.

Though I never bothered too much with these drowsy evenings, it is nowadays that I value the lucky ones who get bored. If you are bored it is because you feel safe and with peace of mind. 

Moments of boredom, belong naturally to children, to adolescents and to those who for one reason or the other, are devoid of mundane concerns. But it is a sometimes distant and voluble state to those people busy with daily subsistence and everyday problems.

I actually do want to get bored in order to, like then, imagine big, wander off and enjoy myself aimlessly.

But then there is the deep boredom and those who continuously endure it and who dream of different realities to the ones they have in their homes. Realities that repeat themselves day after day and are neither good nor bad, just undesired ones.

I would like to show you a musical video “Avorrim” (cat. We bore) from Andreu Rifé, illustrated by Àfrica Fanlo , where tender characters and dreamers appear who long for other lives and choose to wake up.

Me ha encantado el single, las ilustraciones de Àfrica y el vídeo realizado por http://thetreeonthesea.com/ , también os dejo el making of




 Avorrim Videoclip from thetreeonthesea on Vimeo.



making of 'avorrim' from thetreeonthesea on Vimeo.

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