Finding myself these days in a conference cycle whose subjects were on self-motivation, self-knowledge and attitude as necessary tools to take on new projects, there was one phrase in one of the lectures given by Xescu Espar that resonated with me: “When the fun is over, the commitment remains”. And yes, amongst all these bacchanal of stimuli and Master Classes, I went home, repeatedly thinking about this one, for me, a great statement.

When things get complicated, when difficulties begin ... and, in life, sooner or later, this usually happens, it is at that moment one becomes aware of how committed we are with what we do or with those beings with whom we are bonded to.

There are moments in my life where I literally feel glutted by the circumstances because, let us not fool ourselves, being an entrepreneur, a monogamous woman and an enthusiastic mother, nowadays, is quite a struggle, and even if you are a delusional optimist and your personal and professional projects deserve the best, there are moments where fun is not present and commitment is the pillar that sustains them.


But with these words, it might seem that commitment sounds like dull, like a lack of enthusiasm or excitement and nothing could be more further from the truth, to me it has the taste of a better version of oneself, forcefully and visibly acting, not from the obligation, but from certain values, available to people and to projects that to me are worthwhile, even though sometimes these might not be as easy as we would like them to be or are incomprehensible to others.



I liked this animated short, speaks of what happens after.... the commitment







The Screening Room - “We Can’t Live Without... por newyorker

When the love lasts

We were discussing the other day amongst colleagues, the difficulty of living together as a couple and which was the appropriate combination, the necessary cocktail of ingredients to, after many years of life together, endure love.  It is obvious that after many years of co-existence we do not talk of ongoing infatuation nor of a constant discovery of the other person, nor certainly will sex make the awakenings as pleasant as in older days. Love transforms itself every day and every days it is slightly different from the day before, because we are slightly different too and this will bring us closer to and move us away from our loved one, as if we were sitting on a swing, and there we are, dodging with this back and forth and watching how some get rapidly dizzy and others end up finding this permanent half conflict which is the life as a couple, amusing.

To me, it is an art in itself, like baking a cake and paying attention to the last detail. I found a wise recipe that said the following, first of all we will put one kilogram of generosity, to look at our partner from the outside, for what he/ she is and for what he/she does, even if that is not what you would rather have, then we will add a pinch of individual projects, to continue by being interested in ourselves and incidentally being interesting for the others, we will add a chunk of shared spaces together with loads of good communication, and we will emulsify all this mix with cuddles to your liking and will control the temperature at all times for love not to get stuck in the mould. Yummy, this cake looks promising!

 Speaking of couples and love… I loved this animated video of Timothy Reckart. Watch it in detail because it is full of little details with a lot of intention and message. Beautiful.





HEAD OVER HEELS from Timothy Reckart on Vimeo.




Looks and glances….
People’s eyes are very revealing, they tell us about how they feel, about things that make them quiver with excitement or about past experiences, sad or happy ones. Sometimes talking to others you find people to have a vacant stare, they are talking to you, but you do not exactly know where they really are. Then there are the elusive eyes, those which belong to cute, shy people. There are also dark looks perhaps as a result of bitter experiences and amongst many others there are the eyes of the children, straight, clear, scrutinizing and never deceiving gazes. I just love them.
I believe in eyes as a powerful means of communication. I do imagine a ‘World No Words Day’, walking one day around our cities and villages without saying a word and using our eyes as our main communication channel. In the early morning glancing at our partner and giving him the ‘oh, if we were alone’ look. 
Then I would bent down to my son’s level and my eyes would tell him: “We are late, aren’t you dressed yet? Still….you mean the world to me!” I would continue with my workmate, with the customer, the student, the shop assistant, looking at them clearly, straight without hurries and formalities, but with a healthy curiosity, looks that ask who you are and how you are doing. If you are being looked at you are being considered.
And still gobsmacked by the power of eye contact, and as a great and well-known Superhero uses to say: “With great power comes great responsibility”, I therefore conclude that our eyes should not be judgmental or condescending, or limiting, but encouraging and trustful towards all challenges the people we love and appreciate want to assume, or simply the unknown people, who also deserve a good reflection of our eyes as if it were a mirror.
Here you have some powerful eyes….
Photography Steve McCurry














































































































22 years later

Performance art is an ephemeral action art, captured on videos or photographs. The artists at a given point of time, went beyond painting and sculpture directing their gaze towards the body. The scenes they represent can be aimed at provoking reactions, feelings, reflections…
I get thrilled at Marina Abramović, a Serbian Performance artist with over 30 years of experience in this area. She had an intense love and professional relationship with Ulay back in the 70’s. The couple spent around 5 years living in a van and carrying out all sorts of performances.
Amongst many others they devised the piece ‘Death self’, in which the two performers joined their mouths and took in each other’s exhaled breaths until they had used up all of the available oxygen. Exactly 17 minutes after the beginning of the performance they both fell to the floor unconscious, since their lungs had been filled with carbon dioxide. This piece explored the idea of an individual’s ability to absorb the life of another person, exchanging and destroying it. 
 In 1988, when the course of their relationship had run out, they decided to walk along the Great Chinese Wall, each one starting from the opposite side, to meet in the middle, embrace each other and never ever see each other again. Here is where there intense relationship, full of contradictions, energy and attraction, came to an end. From here on, each one of them would seek his own destiny, which, as life itself, is always so uncertain, and sometimes unpredictable and unexpected. 
In spring 2010, 22 years later, the MoMa set up a performance by Marina Abramovic which consisted in the artist sitting on a wooden chair at a small table in the middle of the museum’s great hall. Opposite, on the other side of the table, an empty chair. The visitors, in strict turns, could sit down facing her as long as they wanted, silently contemplate her and feel part of the act. Ulay turned up unannounced, and this is what happened:

The power of internet


For some time now, I have become interested in brief stories, either in the format of short stories or the film in short format. There are many good short films online.

I especially like “Jamesonnotodofilmfest”. The festival is an initiative of ‘La Fábrica’ based on an original idea by Javier Fesser in order to put Internet at the services of cinema as a formula to discover new talents, to be able to experiment with new means which are accessible to everyone and to achieve a wider diffusion. With twelve editions on its back it is widely recognised in Spain as the benchmark online film event.

The new technologies and social networks offer the possibility to visualize small productions overcoming the barriers of film production and distribution. As it is a fantastic tool to spread all kinds of art, making the work of less known and interesting artists visible to the whole world.

The power of social networks and internet is spectacular and very influential, it is also true that we need to know how to find its right measure when it comes to its use in personal matters.

If you would like to have a good time afterwards and get lost amidst witted stories, find out more at http://www.jamesonnotodofilmfest.com/finalistas.html, over 800 short films are waiting for you.



Una cuestión de etiqueta from Roger Villarroya on Vimeo.

The small connections


 Everyone knows about love, because, in our own way, we all have loved and we all can say something in this regard. There are the parent-child loves, the romantic loves, the carnal or platonic ones, the serene or the impossible loves amongst many others, and then, I think, there are the crushes.

Greatly simplifying, we could say, that there are crushes that long for love in all its aspects, and then there are the everyday crushes, those which do not seek anything, which catch us by surprise and are those we have as long as we are alive; projects, dreams, disappointments and maybe a partner we love and will continue loving, far beyond those ephemeral connections.

With everyday crushes I mean those moments we share with people, men and women, where we connect and a deep synchrony takes place, like when we have a conversation about something very private and complex and you feel like the person who listens, is truly listening and you both are sharing something very important and we have emotionally opened up to someone who is worthy of this confidentiality.

My partner, also partner in crime, puts on a poker face while I read this post to him and tells me he will also start this everyday crush thing and see how these connections feel. Men…






 ONCE " Only slowly"

Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová




BEGIN AGAIN "Lost Stars"

Adam Levine



I love John Carney’s films (Once and Begin Again), in them you find stories of deep connections, of shared passions and of honest relationships that lavish sensitivity.

Here I leave some of his soundtracks, they are spectacular

Today have you heads for my?




 Then, in a pathetic attempt I tell him that I will ask one of his friends to let me know, and that is how I get him to reveal that he had lentils, croquettes and an apple for lunch. Wow! What a confidence….

It is later, at home, relaxed and in our pyjamas, playing with zomlings, painting or sharing a good time together, when he explains out of the blue that he is sad because he got upset with Rocío, his soul mate, that they have planted a tree in the yard or sings the song of the “Geganta Marcelina” (the giant Marcelina), which he had learned that day and included into his repertoire.

I hope I will not forget something so obvious and yet so important as the need to share activities with our children, to suddenly tune up, to really play and have fun with them, because it is then that there is no need to ask in order to know.

Speaking about game sharing, I loved the drawings made by Mica Angela Hendricks and her 4-year old daughter. Her mother tells us the story of how one day when she used a new sketchbook, her daughter swooped over with a serious look and told her that they had to share it. The girl took the sketchbook and completed the body of a dinosaur on a lady’s face, and truly, it looks pretty good. Ever since, every day her daughter asks her: “Do you have any heads for me today?”

She is in charge of drawing the body and her mother completes the sketches adding textures and colour. These are her gorgeous drawings.































 I love this time of the day, when, after preparing my son’s afternoon snack, I head to school to pick him up after a long school day. I think for a four year old it must be hard to spend so many hours away from home. That is why I try to focus all my attention on this little person from the very moment he walks out of the classroom’s door. And then we start certain daily rituals. When I see him appear, I prepare myself to give him a hug and a big kiss, but Pau, from the first moment, does actually care more about the red bag peeking out of my bag and the surprise his sandwich snack will hold, than responding to my great reception.


After satisfying his hunger and already in the car, I use to ask him how his day was, what he has been up to, what he liked the most and what the least. I need him to explain me everything! To know if he has been ok, if he played with his friends, in short, whether he had a beautiful day.
And, he answers most times and with an absent-minded stare…. “I don´t know”.

I'm bored

Lying in bed, emanating full idleness while locked in my room. Back then I boringly enjoyed my teenager daydreams.

Though I never bothered too much with these drowsy evenings, it is nowadays that I value the lucky ones who get bored. If you are bored it is because you feel safe and with peace of mind. 

Moments of boredom, belong naturally to children, to adolescents and to those who for one reason or the other, are devoid of mundane concerns. But it is a sometimes distant and voluble state to those people busy with daily subsistence and everyday problems.

I actually do want to get bored in order to, like then, imagine big, wander off and enjoy myself aimlessly.

But then there is the deep boredom and those who continuously endure it and who dream of different realities to the ones they have in their homes. Realities that repeat themselves day after day and are neither good nor bad, just undesired ones.

I would like to show you a musical video “Avorrim” (cat. We bore) from Andreu Rifé, illustrated by Àfrica Fanlo , where tender characters and dreamers appear who long for other lives and choose to wake up.

Me ha encantado el single, las ilustraciones de Àfrica y el vídeo realizado por http://thetreeonthesea.com/ , también os dejo el making of




 Avorrim Videoclip from thetreeonthesea on Vimeo.



making of 'avorrim' from thetreeonthesea on Vimeo.

The small pleasures of life

This year I turned 40…. woooow, there, I said it!! And I have to say I feel younger and more agile than perhaps two decades ago. Maybe not in all aspects, since getting up very early to begin a long day and ending at a late hour makes it sometimes difficult to take a deep breath and have a look around me.

At certain points of our lives, we spend a lot of time hunting impossible and abstract dreams. One day someone tells us that we have to achieve great things and thenceforth everything may result inadequate. And then another day, without really being aware of when it happened, we get rid of these little stones in our shoes and develop into real long-distance runners, becoming aware of the little things that give a real meaning to the word “pleasure” and to the way we decide to “walk” through this life. But like with any exercise it needs training and it is easy to sometimes find an excuse not to develop this peculiar muscle towards new outlooks.




































Wise men say that when you have already sailed along those weird beginnings, a parallel dimension opens up in front of you where it is possible to take a deep breath every day.

Talking about a walk, here is a recompilation of Nordic photography KIRMIZI TELEFON KULÜBESÄ°