Hello I am Wäwä, my name is actually Alba. Illustrator of Figueres (Girona).

Since I can remember colour pencils and drawing are part of my life. 

I have started to train myself studying Fine Arts in Barcelona, it was here where I realized that that what I really wanted was to specialize in the world of illustration. From here I started to add some training doing some courses, but above all I drew a lot and absorbed current illustrators which are my role models.

During my years in Barcelona I have had several individual and group exhibitions in different centres and art galleries. Amongst them the Niu in Barcelona or El Arco de la Virgen and here is where my Wäwïs were born.

Dolls that convey fragility, strength, passion, fear, beauty… little bits of me.  Each figure embodies a moment of my life, a piece of intimate experience, which through art, becomes social.

Currently I am living in Figueres for three years now where I am working as freelance illustrator. My life is drawing, enjoy nature, reading and look out for interesting projects and challenges and develop myself as a professional. I love coffee, laughing, my friends and the silence of the mountain.