Born in the 80s, she arrived at this world in two places: if in Madrid she woke up in between tears and groans, it was in between the gently rocking waves of the Mediterranean Sea her heart started to beat. This peculiarity is what makes the strong personality of Martutxa Casares.

And who is she... Well she is a water cat, from the green, from the stories told of waning moons, of the sea, of the fresh salty breeze and she is of the white foam, the same from where the stories of fishermen and fish arise. And as a cat, she lives in freedom, with the strong independence of her soul, needed to feel alive and to be able to breathe at the boundaries of a horizon without the fear of falling, because she knows that it is not difficult to stand up when you know how to fly.

With a broad imagination, this woman who is always living between the city and the sea, has a restless, active, bright and very curious brain. This innate curiosity which works like a sponge, make her illustrations be fresh, clean, direct, emotional and above all very intense. With an ambiguous style in which she puts together the innocence and the quality of the form and the line, with the emotional, strong and fearless maturity of the expressive structure and the subject of her work.

And although gaining her Illustration and Design studies being of the old school, most part of her most inner artistic self and her visual culture is the result of this almost hyperactive curiosity so valued in today’s world.

The work of this sea cat is full of talent, it is meticulous, persevering and tenacious, getting her works, which are full of stories saved between lines and very sharp features, to be successfully exhibited and recognised by the general public and the critics.  Her exhibitions are repeated on an annual basis both in art venues and galleries and not only that; the great versatility of this treasure diver has bestowed her the ability to work for advertising agencies, design and interior design studios, providing freshness  and harmony to her projects. She would not be a happy and free animal, if she could not transmit all that she knows to new generations of restless felines who what to catch their own birds in the highest branches of the trees, that is why Martutxa also teaches shamelessly the illustration techniques.

This is Martutxa Casares: fresh, straight, curious, free and a kind of mermaid or feline soul of a cat that was born in two places.  

Pedro Alón.