Hello. My name is Diana Toledano!

I was born in Madrid in 1984. I am Pisces, I have curly hair and you will never see me without glasses (if you do, then it will be me the one not seeing you).

I studied History of Art and worked as a tourist guide and teacher. Though I have always liked story-telling, I like story-drawing even more. That is why I decided to study for Illustration at la Escuela de Arte número 10.

Now I spread my time between my work as an illustrator and as a museum educator. You can find me either in San Francisco, where I share a hundred-year house with my red-bearded husband and a hairy cat, or in Madrid, enjoying the delicious meals prepared by my mother.

My illustrations are usually handmade, combining different techniques. I love the patterns, the textures and the details. I am inspired by music, books, nature, children, sincere smiles and faraway places.