I am Laia Arriols. I am an educator. I draw pictures, take photos and am fascinated by graphic design.


My daughters’ births reconnected me to childhood and to a creative expression and an ability which up until that moment I kept in a kind of state of hibernation. In 2008 Apanona was born, a project that brings together through illustration and photography, the great source of inspiration and creativity that evokes in me the children’s world.

I am a self-taught illustrator and 99% digital. The inspiration comes from my day-to-day, from music, art, movies, cartoons and children’s world in general.

I love to draw the things that happen to my daughters, my family, my friends, but also love to imagine characters and scenes.

I especially like the typography, colours, textures, silhouettes and illustration style of the 60s and 80s. : Two radically different decades!! If you wonder where the name Apanona comes from, this is the way my eldest daughter used to say “butterfly” (“papallona” in Catalan) when she was two years old. I thought it as a very sweet name to create things around the world of children.