Albert Arrayás (Barcelona, 1990) is a very young and hyperactive illustrator, already with a wide background despite his age.


He has never stopped drawing since he finished his studies in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. This tireless artist, works on illustrated books, murals and magazines.
He has also showed his work in exhibitions such as: Rivistazione di libri, Ravenna, Itàlia (2009), Lafutura, Barcelona (2013), Print Wave, The Walrus Hub, París, França (2013), La Gota de Leche, Logroño (2014), Cadàver Exquisit, Barcelona (2014) MOB (Makers of Barcelona), Barcelona (2014)…
On the oder hand, he has also worked for several clients: Banc Sabadell, The Coca-cola Company, Televisó de Catalunya (TV3), Oysho, Limittted or Picking Pack among others.
His style is absolutely unique and original. If you want to know or discover more about him, keep updated! He always has something interesting up his sleeves.